Which ensemble should I choose?

  • Solo: Great for small events, one instrument will capture the intimate setting you desire with a limited volume.
  • Duo: An intimate ensemble, which can create a beautiful atmosphere. Excellent for smaller events and spaces
  • Trio: This group is very popular, especially for smaller weddings. Not quite as loud as the quartet, but has an extensive repertoire and is better suited for a modest budget and limited space.
  • Quartet: Two violins, viola, and cello perform in a wide variety of musical styles. This group is the most effective and versatile, with an extensive repertoire, and a full rich vibrant sound.

Bride Bouquet WhiteThere is a special request I would like performed. Can you do that?

Yes!. Even if it is not in our repertoire, or available for string quartet, we will be happy to write an arrangement for the quartet (an extra fee may apply).

Will you rehearse with the guest instrumentalist or singer?

Most likely, we can meet earlier at the venue before the festivities. The amount of time needed depends on the music. A fee will apply to rehearsal time.

How will the music fit in to my event?

We can play in the background or be the main entertainment for your event. For wedding ceremonies, we will play prelude and postlude music as well as the processional and recessional. We will also play during the ceremony for a candle lighting, rose or sand dedication. We can accommodate your needs.

How do I select music?

For ideas, refer to our repertoire list.

Do you play outside?

Yes, if under shade. Our instruments are delicate and can be damaged by rain or direct sunlight.

What do our musicians wear?

Traditional, musicians wear formal concert black dresses and tuxedos. Let us know if you have a specific wardrobe color request.